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About this Privacy Notice

This Privacy Notice (herein referred to as the "Notice") describes what we do with your Information, whether we are assisting you with a professional or personal request, maintaining our relationship with you following the conclusion of an agreement and the provision of our services, receiving a service from you, or you are simply visiting our website.

This Notice essentially covers all of the parties with whom we do business, including users of our website, on-site visitors, guests, service providers, clients, (directly employed or independent third party service providers, sponsors, and other people looking for lodging or using services from Linh Luong Real Estate Group, herein referred to as "You / Your / User/ Client / Guest / Sponsor / Third Party Provider" whom We may contact. It holds true for our staff as well ("Staff").


This relates to data collected through various channels, both online and off; through Our website, including but not limited to (herein the "Website"); through the software programs, channel managers, and booking tracking software made available by Us for use on or through computers or mobile devices (the "Apps"); through Our social media pages and the Apps that link to the Website (collectively, Our "Social Media Pages"); through HTML-formatted emails; and through other means. The "Online Systems") as well as data we have obtained directly from you. This Notice also applies to all other methods we use to gather information besides our online platforms (e.g., assessments, online booking systems, channel management software, telephone or in person discussions, internal and external communication etc.).

This Notice may occasionally be modified to reflect changes in our business, the law, or commercial practice. It is reviewed on a frequent basis. When there is a change that could affect how we process your data, we'll let you know.

  • Overview of Our Collection and Use of Personal Information

Transparency is crucial in our opinion. We list below the types of personal data we gather and how we use them, with a link to our Privacy Notice for more details. Remember that the precise information we gather and how we use it depends on the nature of the relationship and interactions we have with each individual. Additionally, before collecting or utilizing some personal information, there are times when we will ask for your permission or provide you with choices (such as where this is required by law).

Personal Information Categories That We Gather. Typically, we gather the following categories of personal data:

Name, contact information, IP address, online identifiers, Social Security number, and other official identifiers are examples of identifiers.

Customer Records: Paper and electronic records comprising personal data that you give us when you use or access our Services, including your name, digital signature, address, phone number, email address, and other contact details.

Protected Classifications include information on your health and disabilities, which we may gather, for example, to offer you accommodations at events we host. We may also include other profile details you give us.

Commercial Information: This includes records of real estate, goods or services acquired, considered, or purchased as well as other purchasing or usage patterns.

Usage Data: Information about online and other electronic network activity, such as search history, browsing patterns, and information about how users interact with our services or advertisements.

Geolocation Data: Accurate location data about a specific person or object.

Audio, video, and Other Electronic Data: Audio, electronic, visual, or similar information, such as call recordings, thermal scans, and CCTV photos (for example, those obtained from visitors to our offices).

Job History: Details pertaining to your career or employment.

Information about education: records and information about education.

Drawn from any of the aforementioned, inferences are used to generate a profile that represents a person's interests, behaviors, or other traits.

The use of private data. In general, the following business and commercial goals may be achieved by the use and disclosure of the personal data we gather:

  • Delivering assistance and services

  • Examining and enhancing our company

  • Personalizing experiences and content

  • For the objectives of marketing, advertising, and promotion.

  • Securing and defending our company

  • The protection of our legal rights

  • Internal operations, reporting, auditing, and corporate governance

  • Obeying legal requirements

  • Scope of Our Privacy Notice

This Notice is applicable to the way we obtain, use, disclose, and otherwise use your personal data in relation to:

individuals who use our Services, whose personal information we obtain in connection with the Services, or who otherwise interact or communicate with us in connection with our Services, including users of our Services that display or link to this Notice, past, present, and future clients, brokers, independent agents, and customers.

Depending on the situation, we may collect, utilize, disclose, and handle different types of personal information about individuals. This privacy notice is meant to outline our overarching data protection and privacy policies. When processing specific types of personal data, we may offer additional or different disclosures about our data collection and processing procedures.

Identifying details. Throughout this privacy notice, the terms "personal information" and "personally identifiable information," which are comparable terms under applicable privacy laws, are used interchangeably. Any information that identifies, connects to, describes, or is substantially capable of being related, linked, or linkable with a specific individual is generally considered to be personal information.

This notice does not apply to them. Our employees and non-employee workers, as well as job applicants and candidates who apply for employment with us, are not covered by this privacy notice.

  • Physical location

We may use satellite, cell tower, or Wi-Fi signals, among others, to determine the precise location of your device. For the purpose of offering you location-based services and content, we may use the precise location of your device. You might have the option to permit or prohibit the collection of your device's location in some circumstances, but if you decide against it, we might not be able to offer you the relevant location-based services and content.

  • Our Collection of Personal Information

Typically, we only get your consent before collecting any personal data. However, you might not be able to access some Services or we might not be able to completely address your question if you choose not to supply certain personal information that is indicated as mandatory.

We may obtain personal data about users directly from them, automatically as they use the Services, and occasionally through third parties (such as social networks, platform providers, payment processors, data providers, and operators of certain third- party services that we use)

We typically only get your personal data from you if you voluntarily give it to us. However, if you choose not to supply certain personal information that is indicated as required, you might not be able to access certain Services or we might not be able to adequately address your question.

We might amass personal data directly from users, automatically in connection with their usage of the Services, and occasionally from third parties (such as social networks, platform providers, payment processors, data providers, and operators of certain third- party services that we use)

Information that we obtain from outside sources. We may obtain personal data about you and your property from third parties, including brokers and affiliated agents, other real estate experts, public databases, joint marketing partners, social media platforms (including from users with whom you are friends or otherwise connected), and third parties. For instance:

The internet. We may obtain personal data about you or your connections from a social networking service if you choose to link, create, or log in to your Services account with that service, or if you use a different app or website that communicates with the Services. You can often choose not to share some types of personal information with us by using the privacy settings of those third-party websites.

Professional real estate agents. We may obtain personal information about you and your property from a broker, independent agent, or other real estate professional affiliated with one of our Realogy Holding Corp. ("Realogy") brands if you interact with them or list a property with them. This information may include your name and the address of your property, as well as listing and contact details. These real estate experts could work for brokerages that are independently owned and run or for a Realogy organization.

Property records. Via public databases, such as property ownership and tax records kept by state, local, and county organizations, we may gather information about specific people and real properties.

  • By aggregating Information

You or any other user of the online systems are not personally identified by aggregated information. In order to analyses market statistics, analyses the geographic distribution of the market segment for Our Services, or generate analytics insights, for instance, we may aggregate Information. You are welcome to browse the relevant sections of this Notice for more information on these topics.

We may legitimately use other information for any purpose as long as it does not directly relate to your personal identity.

  • Legal Basis For Our Processing of Personal Information

We are required by some laws, such as the EU General Data Protection Regulation ("GDPR"), to provide the relevant individuals with information about the legal foundation for our use and other processing of their personal information.

We gather, utilize, and otherwise treat personal information on the following legal bases in accordance with the GDPR (and other applicable laws):

Contract performance: as required to enter into or carry out the terms of our agreement with you.

For the purpose of adhering to legal requirements and/or providing a defense against legal claims, including those relating to labor and employment law, social security, data protection, tax, and corporate compliance laws, compliance with laws is necessary.

Our legitimate economic interests are furthered by our legitimate interests, which include:

  • Contractual obligations to franchisees and other parties are fulfilled

  • The implementation and running of international support services (such IT) for our company activities

  • Managing client relationships and enhancing our offerings, including marketing and analytics

  • Advertisement and marketing

  • Preventing fraud, such as using improper firm IT systems or money laundering

  • Network, IT, and physical perimeter security

  • Investigation within

  • Business transactions such as mergers, acquisitions, reorganizations, and others

With your permission: In some circumstances, we rely on your permission to gather and use your personal data. Also, if it's essential to safeguard anyone's legitimate interests, we may process your personal information.

  • Why and how does Linh Luong Real Estate Group process Information?

In order to provide its Services and to maintain track of the processing, Linh Luong Real Estate Group has legal reasons for processing personal information. In order to support Our Services and related commercial activities, we gather and use the Information from You that is required for the purposes of Our legitimate interests as defined in this Notice. We employ your data to:

Renting of short- and long-term real estate, lodging, travel, tourism, leisure, and human resources activities

We use personal information to provide services to you, carry out our obligations under contracts, and meet our agreements.

  • We may use and process Information on the following legitimate basis:

The following valid grounds may be used to use and handle information by us:

When providing Our Services, we identify and provide pertinent services that we believe may be of interest to Guests using the information we have gathered about them. We may occasionally contact prospective Visitors about these Services after receiving their express consent.


Processing guest information enables us to control the lodging process and evaluate and confirm Our Services. We might also gather data on whether or not visitors need to adapt our services in a suitable way. Additionally, we use information to verify reservations and carry out, as necessary, loyalty and quality checks.

In this regard, processing guest information enables us to act in order to uphold our contractual commitments to them about the services we have been hired to provide and to further our own legitimate interests. To support our activity, we also use information from our third-party providers.

We also need to process data so that we may make decisions on our internal staffing needs (internal usage), employment contracts for Our Staff, payrolling, etc.

Crucially, we may use Personal Information to react and satisfy your enquiries and requests in reference to both Our Services and business activity in order to comply with our obligations in respect to our commercial activity and the supply of Our Services. If you get in touch with us, we might store a record of your communication and contact information and utilize any information you give us to get back to you.

  • Social Features and Third-Party Plug Ins

You may be able to log in to the Services or share activities you perform on the Services by integrating social sharing tools and other tools with the Services. Depending on the settings you establish with the social sharing service, your use of such features permits the sharing of information with your friends or the general public. For additional details on how those social sharing platforms manage the data you give them or share through them, please refer to their privacy rules. Passwords to your third-party social media accounts are not sent to us or kept on file by us in this situation.

  • International Transfers of Personal Information

United States-based servers are used to host the Services. Remember that some countries may not have the same level of data protection as your local nation. If you are located, for example, in European Economic Area or Switzerland (collectively, "EEA"), your personal information will be transferred to the United States and possibly to other jurisdictions (e.g., to the location of a property for which you have requested information), which may not provide the same level of protection under your local data protection laws. We rely on appropriate personal information transfer safeguards in these circumstances. By contacting we as indicated below, you may be able to exercise your right to ask for a copy of or information about those protections.

  • Business Activity

We are required to use Personal Information as part of operating Our business, including conducting internal audits, communicating with one another about You, gauging the success of Our promotional efforts, managing Our services, maintaining and securing our infrastructure, and conducting financial transactions.

  • Interest-based Advertising

On some of our Websites, we may engage with third-party ad networks, analytics businesses, measurement services and others ("third-party ad companies") to display advertisements on our Services and to manage our advertising on third-party sites, mobile apps and online services. We and these third-party ad companies may use cookies, pixel resolution tags and other tools to gather data on our Websites (and on third-party sites and services), such as browser history, IP address, device ID, cookie and advertising IDs, and other identifiers, general location data and, with your consent, your device's geolocation data; we and these third-party ad businesses use this information to provide you more relevant ads and content and to assess the efficacy of such ads and subject matter.

  • Marketing activities

With your express permission, We may occasionally use your personal information, such as your email address, to send campaign and marketing campaign emails, as well as informational materials like articles, market trends, booking offers, and other details about Our Services. Also, by seeking and receiving your consent, we may use Your Personal Details in media releases and marketing materials. Please see the “Your Consent” section in this Notice detailing how you can remove your permission from being approached for marketing activities at any time.

  • Administrative Purposes

When our terms, conditions, and policies change or other administrative information is available, we may from time to time use it. We may occasionally get in touch with you to ask you to confirm the accuracy and currency of the personal data we have on file for you.

  • Security

To guard against unauthorized access, use, and disclosure of personal information, we have put in place technical, administrative, and physical restrictions. But no security measure is ever flawless or impregnable, despite our best efforts. If you believe that your account's security has been compromised.

  • Data Retention

We will retain your personal information for the period necessary to fulfil the purposes outlined in this privacy statement unless a longer retention period is required or required by law. When it is essential to establish, defend, or otherwise protect our legal rights and interests or the interests of third parties, we may retain personal information for a longer period of time in order to comply with our legal, regulatory, and professional indemnity requirements. We keep this personal information as long as required by our clients for the data and files we handle in our capacity as a processor.

  • Your Rights and Choices

Marketing. You can contact us or use the unsubscribe feature in each email to permanently opt out of receiving marketing-related communications from us. We'll do our best to abide by your request(s) as soon as it's practical. Please be aware that even if you choose not to receive marketing-related emails from us, we may nevertheless send you crucial administrative notifications for which there is no way for you to choose not to receive them.

Technologies such as cookies. Please check the cookie settings on your browser or device and follow the instructions above to make certain cookie-related decisions.

Access, modification, and erasure. Subject to certain legal restrictions and procedures, you may be able to request a review of, make changes to, have erased, or otherwise exercise your rights over your personal information that we may hold in accordance with applicable privacy laws. If you are covered by such a privacy law, you may send us the following request regarding your personal data:

-        By submitting an email request to us at

-        By contacting us at 281-779-8488, 

We take the appropriate legal measures to maintain the accuracy, completeness, and correctness of your personal information. Please specify what personal information, if any, you would like to have updated, whether you want your personal information deleted from our database, or how otherwise you would like us to be able to use your personal information in your request that is covered by an applicable privacy law. Before implementing requests, we may need to confirm your identity. We may only implement requests (a) when compelled to do so by applicable law and (b) with regard to the personal information linked with the specific email address that you use to give us your request.


Deactivation. By contacting us at the email address listed at the bottom of this page, you can delete your account at any time. To cancel your account, you won't be able to use many of the features, though. Please be aware that even if you ask for your account to be deactivated, it can take some time to comply.

Answering inquiries. Please be aware that we might need to store certain information for record-keeping needs and/or to finish any transactions you started before asking for a change or deletion. Moreover, certain residual data might be kept in our databases and other records and won't be deleted. It's possible that we won't always be able to fully satisfy your request, for instance, if doing so would compromise the obligation of confidentiality we have to others or if doing so would violate our legal rights.

  • Analytics, Aggregating & Historical Information

We may keep and use information about you for market trend analyses, creating norms by level, geography, etc., for tracking lodging statistics, carrying out validation studies, putting together reports, publishing articles, creating norms by level, geography, etc., or for purposes of enhancing Our Services, expanding the knowledge base of Our market intelligence, or creating new services. On the basis of our authorized and legitimate interests as outlined in this Notice, we may also use personal information we collect for the purposes of aggregating and distributing diversity statistics and other statistical data pertaining to the hospitality market. To track vacancy statistics, we may also process particular categories of Information, such as ethnic origin. To achieve these goals, we may also link and combine information about you that is obtained from one service with information obtained from another service using your name and other identifiers. Such aggregated or de-identified Information is considered Other Information for the purposes of this Notice and we may use it for any purpose. Any published end product will only refer to larger aggregates of people and will not specifically mention you by name or include any results that are attributable to you. For more information on the other information we collect and process, please see the relevant section of this Notice.

On the legal basis of our legitimate interests as defined by this Notice and in compliance with this Notice, We may also process Personal Information that constitutes historical data for the purposes of tracking and documenting our previous business and recruitment activity.

  • Law compliance

  • We might make use of or reveal your personal data in order to:

  • Abide by all applicable laws

  • Provide information in response to demands from public or governmental entities, including those outside of your country of residence

Abide by a court's enforceable order

Safeguard the public's safety, the rights, and the property of Linh Luong Real Estate Group, users of the online systems, or third parties

Aid in the development, exercise, or defense of legal claims

It is impossible for us to be held accountable for the deeds or omissions of Third Party Providers or Clients, including how they utilize Personal Information obtained from Linh Luong Real Estate Group or another independent Third Party Provider.

  • Where do we collect and maintain the Information?

Your information is subject to collection, use, processing, disclosure, and transfer to any nation in which we operate commercially, maintain premises, or hire service providers. By using our services or online systems, you consent to the transfer of information to countries outside of your country of residence, which may have different data protection laws than your country. This is true even though we will assess, monitor, and pursue GDPR compliance for the service provider.

  • Who has access to Information?

For the purpose of providing Our Services, Your Information may be disseminated both internally among Our Employees and externally with Our Subsidiaries, Partners, Affiliates, Clients, and Third Party Suppliers. For the purpose of providing Our Services, we may disclose Your Personal Information to the following external categories:

Partners, affiliates, subsidiaries, and third-party service providers

We may provide our clients who have used our services with your personal information:

Members of the Linh Luong Real Estate Group teams as well as interviewers who take part in the assessment process are included in the scope of Our Services. Your Personal Information, including the outcomes of linked data, may be shared with a Client or Partner who has hired Linh Luong Real Estate Group to fulfil accommodation requirements in the course of providing Our Services. In any case, before sending your personal information to the client, we let you know who the client is and ask for your permission. It is possible to provide a client with anonymized profiles and lodging information without alerting the guest or getting their permission. This will only be done for statistics, quality assurance or historical purposes.

Results of assessments and other data gathered by our staff or supplied by our client may be kept in a database held by Linh Luong Real Estate Group, to which our client and specific staff members they have authorised will have access both during and after the completion of Our project. We won't share Your assessment findings with other Clients without getting the necessary permission if You took an assessment at the request of one of our clients as part of our HR services or in connection with a recruitment service.

In order to gather references for You and do the appropriate background checks, we may get in touch with previous employers or any other source.

Any Affiliates, Subsidiaries, and Partners in Strategic Alliances that You Are Made Aware Of Through This Notification

The third-party service providers from which we receive support and services (such as hotel management services, real estate brokers, travel agencies, training facilities, and technical online test providers) and who may process data on our behalf include:

- Providers of outsourced software

- IT personnel if access to the data is required for them to execute their duties.

- Professional and legal counsel

- Providers of technical tests online

Any regulatory body, statutory body, in response to a request for information, or any other legal requirement that relates to us

  • How Do We Protect Your Information?

We take our responsibilities to protect the privacy of your information very seriously, and unless we tell you differently, we will only use it for the clear, explicit, and legal objectives described in this Notice. We respectfully ask that you notify us of any pertinent changes so that the Personal Information we maintain about you is accurate and current.

We have internal procedures and controls in place to make sure that Your Information is not abused, lost, unintentionally destroyed, disclosed, or accessed by anyone other than Our Employees as they properly carry out their tasks. In regard to you, we process Personal Information in a way that is legal, just, and open.

A variety of locations, including on your accommodation record and other online platforms, will retain information (including email software, hotel channel management systems and booking engines). To prevent the loss, misuse, and alteration of Personal Information concerning Users of the Online Services that is under our control, Linh Luong Real Estate Group. Has put in place adequate organizational, technical, and administrative safeguards. Please be aware, though, that no security system or method of sending personal information through the Internet, cordless or mobile phone, and other comparable telecommunication and computer equipment can be guaranteed to be 100% safe.

Hence, unless you use encryption and other security measures, you release Linh Luong Real Estate Group from all claims you may have in the event that Your Information is intercepted due to the use of the aforementioned equipment.

But, if you have any reason to think that your relationship with us is no longer safe (for instance, if you think the security of any account you may have with us has been compromised), please contact us right once using the information in the "Q&A" section below.

  • For how long does LINH LUONG REAL ESTATE GROUP keep Personal Information?

After the last point of contact, Linh Luong Real Estate Group will preserve Your Personal Information for a period of two (2) years. You can ask for the earlier deletion of your data, and we shall abide by the necessary legal requirements. We only keep Your Personal Information as long as it is reasonably required for us to do so in order to uphold our legal requirements and for the purposes of our lawful business interests. However, if we are required to do so by law or contract, or if we believe there is another ongoing reason to do so, we may keep data for longer than two (2) years. For instance, where Your Personal Information reveals unusual feedback, forms historical or reporting information on prior company activity, or when we are bound by a longer-term legal requirement. Such information won't be used for any other reasons, and processing of it will always adhere to this notice.

  • Your rights

  • At any moment, you may ask:

  • Access your data upon request and acquire a copy of it.

  • Rectify inaccurate or incomplete data

  • Delete or halt the process Your data, for instances where the data is no longer required for processing

If Linh Luong Real Estate Group is processing your data based on its legitimate interests, you may object to the processing; and You may change your mind at any moment.

  • Q & A

Please get in touch with our person in charge of handling such situations at if You have any questions about this Notice, any concerns with the privacy of your data, or if You would want to exercise Your rights.

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